Thursday, July 02, 2015

Review of the Truly Ergonomic Computer Keyboard

I recently picked up a Truly Ergonomic Computer Keyboard (either the TEK or TECK) on eBay for about $200. It's an older model with CherryMX Brown switches instead of the Kailh switches Truly Ergonomic uses nowadays. Other than that, the keyboard is more or less exactly the same. Watch the video above and dive down into the text for some other comments.
I mention just about everything I wanted to in the video, but here are just some other points that just weren't as important.

The key caps aren't great. I don't know of many keyboards that come with nice key caps, but for such an expensive keyboard I would expect something a bit better. I thought the caps would be sculpted, to aid in the ergonomics, but they aren't. The key caps are special too, so unlike other mechanical keyboards this one can't be as easily customized. Most of the caps can be replaced, but the center column (one that you might really want to change) can't be modified at all.

The switches on mine were a bit dirty. I got a bunch of double letters, or nothing at all. This was only at first and I cleaned out the switches using my trusty Data Vac. Everything has been smooth sailing since. I didn't get the keyboard new, so there is a chance whoever had it last had really dirty hands that somehow crammed filth under the caps and into the switch.

I can't emphasize how much I like the size. It's perfect, only slightly bigger than my hands while they're on it. I hate ten key pads on keyboards and I think doing away with them is a great asset. I use mine so rarely, that I don't mind never having it again. The integrated pad in the keyboard is more than good enough for when I need it. It's not perfect, but perhaps better than you might expect.

The updating software is nice. It updates the firmware with whatever specs you'd like. I type in Colemak, so I wouldn't mind having a second layer under the numlock button for QWERTY when a friend needs to briefly use my computer (not that they'd have an easy time with the keyboard anyway.) I don't have a dedicated ten key, but maybe one day when I do I'll change everything up.

Lastly, I think I undersell the keyboard. I do this because it's not magic and it won't fix all of your problems. It's a good keyboard and I like it a lot. I enjoy typing on it but I think there are better keyboards out there, especially since Truly Ergonomic has switched their key switches and are apparently a bag of dicks. I'm not saying don't buy this keyboard, but make sure you look at other options.

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