Friday, April 10, 2015

The iPhone 6

Apple came to grips last year and finally released a 'big' iPhone. The iPhone 6 has a 4.7" screen and the iPhone 6+ has a 5.5" screen. These are big phones. I'm sure Apple had been feeling the hurt from iPhone users jumping ship and grabbing the latest Samsung flagship or HTC One in search for a bigger screen. A better Screen.

The iPhone 6 and its screen have their problems. Unlike many Android phones who have had large screens since inception, the iPhone hasn't really figured it out. One of the biggest complaints about the iPhone's screen is that Apple didn't do anything with it. More or less, this is an iPhone but bigger. The problem is that the iPhone as made to be small. The iPhone 5 and phones before it were just about the perfect size to be used by one hand. The thumb could reach any edge easily. One handed use is ingrained into the iPhone, but phones this large can't be used with one hand (at least, not by most people.)

Last, but not least, the iPhone 6 has massive bezels. Phones like the LG G 3 have massive screens, but maintain a good hand feel with minimized bezels. Actually, the G3, while being noticeably bigger than the iPhone 6, doesn't really feel that much larger. The G3 and the 6+ have the same size screen (The G3 notably has a much higher resolution, but that's beside the point) but the 6+ looks much, much larger and feels like a monster.

Probably the most negative thing about the iPhone 6 is its screen size. Honstly, there isn't much else that's wrong with it. In fact, in just about every other way the iPhone is the best phone out there, even though it's not the phone for me.

Even if the iPhone's camera isn't the best in low light, you couldn't really find a better camera.

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