Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Motorola Moto G

I bought a Moto G maybe six months ago, and in two weeks' time the next version (cleverly called Moto G (2nd Gen)) will be released to the public. In my eyes, the new Moto G is almost exactly the same as the old Moto G. The internal hardware is exactly the same, the screen's resolution is the same, and the promises are the same. Despite a version of the Moto G with LTE, the new Moto G lacks it all the same. The main difference is this: it's bigger.
I want to talk about screen size another time, but I'll say this now: the marketing of high end smartphones almost always hinges on screen size. I always thought that Apple would break this trend, but they didn't. Having a bigger screen does not a better phone make, even if that's what most people want.

My time with last year's Moto G has been very enjoyable. The Screen is good, the battery is solid, performance is more than enough, and the size is within the range of perfect. Every smartphone I've had before left me longing for something bigger, better. I came to realize that I haven't had that feeling since I started using the Moto G. The phone is far from perfect, but it's probably the perfect $200 phone.

The new Moto G is probably even more perfect. It has a bigger screen (With the same resolution, knocking the density from 329 to 277, which will probably be unnoticeable but a marked difference) which is IPS (vs LCD), front facing stereo speakers, an SD card slot (something the 2013 heavily lacked), an 8MP camera that's probably still garbage, and the same software upgrade promises. The good news is that since the new Moto G has mostly the same hardware as the new Moto G, both will probably receive updates for a while to come.

At the same exact price point, I doubt I'll resist buying it. I'll have it sooner or later, or maybe I'll wait five months for the LTE version.

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