Monday, July 28, 2014

The Little Things

When I think about other countries, and even other states in the US, I think of them as empty space. From my perspective, the world is so small and disconnected. I don't like this very much. This is a recent discovery, because I hadn't really had the wherewithal or reason to think about other places, but a recent re-obsession with wet shaving has shown me a lot of different places that sell and make shaving equipment.

This is sort of a different topic, but us Americans have a shit choice when it comes to shaving products. Gels, foams, and cartridge razors are all we get. Some places in the US, which is a fairly large country, sell real-ass shaving creams and even shave brushes. Some United Statesian grocery and drug stores sell DE razor blades, but they're often expensive (while still being less than half the cost of cartridges.) In Tampa, I've found only the least expensive shaving soap, Van Der Hagen, and one of the most expensive creams, The Art of Shaving.

Other countries, specifically European and Middle-Eastern countries, have a pretty decent collection of shaving soaps, sticks, creams, brushes, DE blades, and even DE razors. For this reason, most forums are populated by largely non-Americans. This is really great: the wet shaving world is oddly large for how classical it seems. However, whenever I see posters talking about how they're in Turkey, or India, or Croatia, or China, the first thought that comes to mind is, "holy shit, people live in these places and use computers?" I immediately feel ignorant and stupid.

I don't really know that many people, and I have limited social interaction. I want that to change. Wet shaving is what I'm into right now and there is a very active community. At least for now, I'm going to be a part of it. Shaving is something I'll probably do for the rest of my life, so I doubt I'll ever stop hard on the community, but my activity will probably wane. That's not that important, because there will always be something new to get into, and another great community to find.

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