Saturday, April 12, 2014


The DE I personally use: The Gillette Tech 1938-1945
Shaving sucks, but I have to do it anyway.
For years I shaved using a Gillette Fusion Proglide. I got 8 heads for free with the handle around the time I entered college in 2008. I haven't bought new blades since and haven't acquired any either. The head I have in there now is at least a year old (since I started using it, I got it six years ago with the others.) I never really had to shave and shaving hurt. Not matter what I did, I just hated it.

I realize now that I probably didn't hydrate my beard well enough, but the Progillette Fusionguide is pretty heady about its claims. My shave was never smooth or comfortable and I often had razor burn. Growing up I saw all the commercials about the Mach 3 and its competitors. I don't know what my father shaved with, but I think it was a Mach thirty. I didn't have to shave, because I both didn't grow a beard until I was in my twenties and I didn't have a reason. Actually, not shaving gave me the greatest gift: a natural Handlebar Mustache.

Not shaving, by the way, is awesome. If there is something I can suggest to every man and woman, it is to stop shaving and start being happy. Having a beard is the best, unless you have a shitty beard, then it's only the best for you and everyone thinks you look like trash. I look like trash. At least I wish I did, I must shave because of my job.

Shaving all the time brought me to a place where shaving sucked. It had always sucked, but it only sucked every once and a while. Now it sucked every day. Shaving is going to be in my life for a while so I needed it to be fun and enjoyable. I needed it to be a skill I could build, something I could point to and say that I could do better than most. That's how I would love it.

Enter the safety razor. I had never heard of them before. A friend of mine had started shaving with one probably a year earlier. He loved it but the idea scared me. To those that don't know: despite its moniker, the safety razor is anything but safe. The only thing the safety razor is saver than is a straight razor, which is basically a knife men pass over their faces. A safety razor uses actual razor blades like the ones found in box cutters and the like.

The only thing more challenging to shave with is an actual knife. Modern razors like the ProJared have blades embedded at a set angle with a pivoting head made to contour the face, legs, head, etc. Safety Razors must be held at the right angle with the right touch and speed. One wrong move can result in devastation, or nothing. Both results can be frustrating while shaving. Mastering this touch was something I liked.

My first (and currently only) Safety/Dual Edge Razor is a Gillette Tech produced sometime between 1938 and 1945. It is probably the most mild of all razor but it still gives me a better shave than the ProGilletteGlue ever could.


Charles D. Mancuso said...

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Kebin Paterson said...

After 3 or 4 shaves most of the razor you have to throw out. Because after 3 or 4 shaves they start irritating and can't provide smooth shave. But if you use a safety razor you can use for a long time and some best safety razor you can use for your life time. Because you can change the blades of a safety razor very easily.