Thursday, January 09, 2014

Spreading Awesome

The Vlogbrothers have popularized two ideas: create world awesome and decrease world suck. They're challenging concepts, but awesome and suck are well defined. Suck is anything that makes life worse and awesome is anything that makes life better. Part of life is discovering what part of you can make more awesome and what part can decrease suck. I create awesome with words and creation. I also donate a fair bit of money to charities, because I'm not so good at decreasing suck.

Every shitty facebook comment that can be made, has been made. Ever place holder response has happened on every picture, every status, every relationship declaration, and every share. I'm done with it, I was done with it years ago. The approximate time that every generic comment had been made was 14 minutes after Facebook was available to the public (up to that point, only 35% of every comment had been made, and probably 7 people used Facebook at that time). It's not hard to figure out that these types of comments anger me. I used Facebook to ignite discussion about articles I found or topics that interested me, so I used it regularly, but my anger got the best of me.

I used to work around generic comments by putting my birthday on random days and get birthday comments about how I was 96 years old (because no on read the year) and I would respond by saying how silly they were (but in a very mean way). Whenever someone's birthday rolled around, I would leave mean comments to spite the literal waterfall of happy birthdays. Just like my grandfater, I don't like people knowing things about me, so I really keep to myself, so Facebook lead to me just being angry all the time about the oversharing, the generic comments, and the constant reminder of how much I actually hated my friends.

I stopped using Facebook to decrease my own suck. I only added to the problem by being angry to other people. I stopped liking a lot of people as much. Facebook is a good way to start hating your friends, and boy did I hate my friends. I learned that people who were like me, didn't use Facebook, so my attempts at discussion went unnoticed by the people who I most wanted to talk with. I only got the shitty comments that I didn't want (and then I'd say mean things to the people who did comment) or the discussion would turn to something inane and annoying.

Years went by and I didn't use Facebook. I had deactivated my account rightly, because I didn't want anyone to find it (I made it in high-school, so it's basically a bunch of bullshit that no one should see). I reactivated my account to find that every generation on the globe had made an account. During the final hours of my Facebook adventures, I unfriended about 200 people and brought it down to the only people who I wanted to be friends with. Today that number sits at 20 people, but it was much lower before. I don't care that much about Facebook, but I check in every now and again to see pictures of my dad and what my brothers are up to.

I discovered that I can leave comments and the comments can say anything. My oldest brother normally leaves very malicious comments about this or that and his statuses are normally very terse and negative. I've found that I can write whatever I want on his status and whatever, and that's how I'll create awesome on Facebook, by being above Facebook and abusing the system to do whatever I'd like.

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