Thursday, November 21, 2013

That Guy

I find that, too often, my friends are 'That Guy.'
I unfriend, stop following, uncircle(or unplus) my friends on various social networks when they prove to be 'That Guy.'

I think everyone has a friend who is That Guy; the friend who talks just a bit too much about politics or film, or maybe mention that they're a vegan to everyone they meet. You know, That Guy. I hate that guy, and it turns out I know a lot of them.

It starts out by learning something unique about my friend. It'll be cool that they're really into electric guitars, or smash brothers. At first, they seem normal and adjusted. They know that not everyone cares about their thing, so in public they'll be quite about it and not have much to say in general, but still seem cool and interested. Before you know it, you see them on a forum or enthusiast site, using jargon no one understands.

Normally, at this point, you'd just leave them alone. You'd back away from it and let go. Sadly, today you'll have probably friended that person on Facebook, or followed them on twitter, or Linkedin or tumblr, whatever. Turns out they're harder to avoid. They'll have posts that are stupid, nonsensical, and annoying. They'll say stuff you don't understand, because you don't care about it, not because it's complicated in any way. On Facebook, you'll mute them, eviscerate their wall from your feed. You'll forget about them.

Until you mention that one thing they're interested in, because you forgot they can see what you say and that they exist. They'll comment and obviously know more than you, too much more. People like you, so your friends will comment, and that guy will argue with them. Then, because Facebook is bullshit, that guy's friends will see it and start to chime in. Your dumb status becomes a flamewar, and now you hate everyone.

My friends are that guy. It's sad, because I'm sort of that guy too, but I'm not obsessed with one thing; I'm variable obsessed with many things at the same time. The difference is I have perspective. I will interject where I can, but I'll leave most people alone with my ideas and interests. I don't want to be that guy.

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