Saturday, October 12, 2013


For many years I have picked up and put down my crappy children's guitar, which is probably the smallest and least expensive guitar ever made. My mother got it for me for my 17th birthday, because I asked for a guitar and she couldn't spend more than $60 on a guitar. It's actually really hard to play because it has a high action, it's small in general, and it just doesn't produce good sound. It's still a guitar, though, a guitar that can play any note a normal steal string can play, it's just shittier.

 I pick it up every now and again and try to learn, but I want to run in twelve directions with it at the same time. I want to learn how to read music and music theory. Learning theory and how to play couldn't be more different, and applying them together is crazy difficult. It's very much best to learn each apart and know them well before combining the two, and that's a mistake I've made many times.

Recently, my life partner bought a ukulele and got a tuner with it. I decided to tune my tiny guitar, because I hadn't actually touched it in well over a year and it had gone very out of tune. I enjoyed the sounds and holding the guitar, so I looked around for free guitar lessons on the internet. There is one site out there, you'll find it because they advertise heavily, which sounds awesome and isn't that expensive (like $130 a year) for the wealth of content and access to real teachers they give, but it's more money than I spent on my guitar and I don't know how long I'll stay with this.

So I searched around some more, and that's when I came to It's plastered with the face and voice of Justin Sandercoe. He's very British and seems to be a great teacher. I'm really surprised by the website, it's large. There are many videos and many materials for purchase, but all of the instructional videos are free. Each video is accompanied by a detailed web page. It's amazing.

I don't know if I'll continue with my guitar, but having such a great resource makes it easier to come back to, if I do drop it again.

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