Friday, August 16, 2013

Why I Miss Jontron

Game Grumps is by far my favorite YouTube channel, and probably one of the best Let's Play styled shows around. It's funny and interesting, and the hosts are pretty transparent. At the same time they can be stupid and inspiring. It's a heap load of fun and just about everyone should watch it.

Originally the show was hosted by Arin Hanson, better known as Egoraptor, and Jon Jafari, best known as Jontron. Currently Arin is still part of the grump team, but Jontron left to pursue his own art, his YouTube channel named Jontronshow. Danny Sexbang from Ninja Sex Party replaced Jontron, and I love Danny. There's just something I miss about Jon.

Jontron added a lot, and I mean a lot, of stupidity to Game Grumps. Arin wasn't much better, but Jon was always harsher, louder, and more oppinionated. At the same time he was hilarious. Those aren't things I think the show needs, because it's still just as fun. Jontron didn't bring those things to the party knowingly, he was just himself, which is still a great thing about the show even now.

Arin and Jon felt like they were best friends and that was fun. Even with a bad episode of Game Grumps, they always felt like they were going through it together. There is no new ill will with the current hosts, Arin and Danny, but they feel more like individuals now instead of friends. Jon and Arin had a very forthcoming and well understood standing of friendship, and I miss that.

Because they felt like friends, I felt like their friend. I felt like I could hang out with my best friends for 10-30 minutes a day, and that was enough to make me happy. Today I still love Game Grumps, it's still my favorite YouTube thing, but it's more of a show today. Maybe I'm wrong, though. Maybe it's the same and I just love Jontron. I do feel a deeper connection with Jontron, I'll admit. We're about the same age and I've had similar experiences.

Maybe I just want a friend who's loud, annoying, and funny. And also kind of dumb.