Sunday, November 04, 2012


I'm not very good at motivation. I often find myself most motivated by sad things. I have a very short motivational playlist of music I started on Spotify a while ago. I didn't really finish it, but most of the songs are depressing, like Mad World and LGFUAD. I don't know why I find sad things motivational.
I think the thing that motivates me the most is just having emotions. I've never felt I could project my emotions efficiently and I'm incredibly impressed when someone else can. Music isn't my life, I can't make that claim. Some people can, but many others do anyway. I know nothing about music, at least not that much, and I can't play any musical instrument and I can't sing worth anything.

Music, however, really rules my emotions. It rules my emotions because, like any art, it impresses me. The ability to express yourself successfully and clearly is not very light. It's difficult to obtain, let alone master. Often I find myself becoming emotional over music because the artist(s) have this ability and not because their music is particularly good. This is a huge bias, I assure you, because I'll often overlook huge flaws when few artistic goals are successful. Of course such a feat isn't accomplished often, normally large flaws are intermittent within a piece (like a bad movie).

Some people I've met think certain films, shows, and other whatnot are bad because they didn't meet their specific expectations, however, expectations are flaws of the viewer. If someone were to tell me that Fast Five is a bad movie because it lacks the drama or tension of, say, the Hurt Locker or Million Dollar Baby, I would call them an idiot and a hipster. I've never met someone like that, but I'm sure they suck just as much having never met me.

Fast Five is artistic genius. It accomplishes everything it wants to, and it's horrifically successful. It has plenty of issues with its weird characters and their odd inconsistencies and strange need to be almost sexually intimate with one another through violence and there are plenty of bad filming choices like the distinct lack of varied filming venues (there is a flight of stairs that almost follows Aristotle's Unity of Place law) but none of that gets in the way of the film just being masterful in its action and quick flowing, perfect length scenes.

Fast Five motivates me. Not because I think I could do better, honestly it's pretty much the perfect action racing movie, but because I know I can make something just as great. Fast Five isn't a display of raw talent, but years of hard work for the directer, the actors, and everyone involved in editing the film. Anything can be accomplished, with or without talent, because everything needs hard work.

All great things are the result of hard work.

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