Thursday, June 07, 2012

Tablets, Part 2.5: My Phone

Yeah, my phone is in there too
I love tablets, and I loved my first two tablets for different reasons at different times. They both helped me get into podcasts and internet stuff. The A28 introduced me to Android. It was a very rough introduction to Android, but I thought the Tablet was just made out of garbage parts. My love of Android never faltered; I was biased well before the A28 and pretty much stayed that way.

I'm running Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) if you can't tell
My first phone was the LG Optimus M from MetroPCS. I had that phone for about two months before I chucked it for an LG Optimus V from Virgin Mobile. This isn't the place for that story, but mostly Metro is garbage.

When I got my phone, I stopped using both of my tablets. My phone could do what they did and without a wifi connection. The A28 taught me a lot about Android, so I got a head start very quickly with my phone. I knew what to use and how to use it. It was easy. I loved my phone. It wasn't as powerful as the Archos 5, especially when it comes to Video and Web Browsing, but Android has such a huge ecosystem that it doesn't matter too much. Normally if there is a will, there is a way.

My phone is, by no means, good. It's a great phone to introduce someone to Android and there is a huge community dedicated to modding just this phone. It is cheap and Virgin Mobile smart phone plans are the cheapest you can find. I was grandfathered into having a $25 plan, but the same plan is now worth $35. I have 300 minutes but unlimited text messaging and data. I don't call too many people, and when I do I tend to not stay on the phone for long. I didn't even flinch at having so few minutes.

The data speeds aren't fantastic. That's not to say they're slow. Normally I can pull off a Megabit real easy, at least 10x faster than the fastest speeds I experienced on Metro, but it's not nearly as fast as LTE (or, at least any LTE that isn't Metro). Virgin borrows from Sprint's network, and so the network spread isn't super fantastic but I've never had much issue in South and Central Florida. I can stream music and YouTube videos just fine as well.

My phone was old when I bought it. The Galaxy S II was well on its way to making all 35 different models available today when I started my service at Virgin. Phones like the HTC One X and Galaxy S III actually out preform both of my newer tablets. Only recently has Virgin gotten hold of an decent high-end phone, and it's last year's Evo 3D. I probably won't get an Evo anytime soon, but it's comparable to the Still-Very-Great Galaxy S II that's still selling like free money.

I use my phone almost all day, every day. I couldn't live with a normal phone after having this one for the past year. I've done everything I can to make it better, by keeping up with Android Versions (which is an issue in the Android world) and overclocking my CPU. My phone isn't great, but it's the most important item I own.

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