Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Realm of The Mad God

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I don't like MMOs. They're just very difficult for me to get into. Generally it takes a while before you're into it. Before you know what to do, how to do it, who to talk to, who to not talk to. It's just a lot of work for a game. They also normally require a lot of upkeep, and normally they cost a lot of money, at least some of the better MMOs.

Realm of the Mad God is easily the best MMO I've ever played (outside of Your World of Text, of course). In short, it's a Flash-based Twin-Stick Shm'up Rougelike MMORPG.
Sumo Wreslemania
I"ll define some of the terms for anyone unfamiliar.

Flash-Based - Anything made using Adobe Flash, generally used inside of a Web Browser.

Twin-Stick - A type of arcade game popularized by Smash TV, wherein two joysticks were used to play; one to shoot, one to move. Geometry Wars is a decent recent example. Dead Ops is a much better example.

Shm'up - Short for 'Shoot Them Up.' A very popular type of arcade game in japan. Centipede, Galaga, and Space Invaders are good examples.

Rougelike - Any game that resembles Rouge. Not everyone agrees on the exact definition, but normally the game is very difficult and death is permanent.

MMORPG - Really this is two terms combined. World of Warcraft is the easiest reference. MMO stands for Massive Multiplayer Online. RPG stands for Role Playing Game.

Even though I don't really care for most shooters or MMOs, Realm of The Mad God manages to do all of it's parts very well. It makes it very easy to play with others; the game play is quick and hectic but still very fun; the controls are very easy; there is a deep meta-game of stat raising and gear acquisition; all of the classes feel unique and have a place in the game; death is a very real and scary thing.

The game is fast paced like a shooter and has a lot of loot like an MMO. It does a great job of making you diversify and reach out to others. Both maneuvering and tactics are important. Death is scary, but easy to avoid with the, as I like to call it, 'Get The Fuck Out of Dodge' button, to Travel back to the Nexus, the main hub of the game.

Shit Gets Real, Fast
The controls are very easy and fun. The game is surprisingly simplistic. WASD to move. Click to shoot. Space to use your special ability. Number Row to use items in your bag. The controls facilitate the speed. They aren't complicated or specific.

There is, however, a deep meta game. Defeating high level enemies awards precious loot, but also potions to raise one stat one point. Each class has a maximum of each stat and in general at level 20 (the max level) you are no where near the max. You close this gap one point at a time, probably every hour or so (if you're that hardcore).

Unimpressive to say the most

There are also achievements for each class. They're called Class Quests and are achieved through what the game calls Fame. Gaining so much Fame completes another class quest. Also, to unlock more classes the game calls the player to gain level 20 with each Class. It's difficult at first, but becomes fun when you learn how to level faster and how to not die.

It's honestly the most fun I've ever had with a game that fills any of the Genres Realm of The Mad God falls into and it does a very great job in each category. A must play for everyone.

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