Thursday, April 26, 2012

Learning to Tie Your Shoes


So it's probably been a while since you've tied your shoes. I know I haven't tied my shoes since the first time I put them on. I put them on, tied them once and each time after that I've never untied or tied my shoes. I just take them off and put them on with the laces tied.

In all honesty, it probably wouldn't take too much time for me to just untie the laces when I take the shoes off and tie them back up when I wear my shoes again, but I don't take the time.

As I've gotten older, time has sped up. Each new year seems to happen twice as fast as the last. It's actually not too hard to understand. Each year is less time than the last, by perception. The first year of our lives is 100% of our lives; the second year is 50% of our total life span; the third year is 33%. Each year isn't any shorter, realistically, but our perception of one year becomes less with each new year.

The only way to slow down time, is to do things. Take the time to do something new or inventive or different. If we constantly rush through our lives, time will only go by faster. If we spend all of our time rushing to a state of rest, then we'll only ever have wasted our lives.

Use Your Blinker, Jackass

Take driving as an example. For the vast majority of driving, there is zero reason to drive fast. Unless most of your trip is on deserted back streets or an Interstate Highway, driving fast only uses more gas and makes you more frustrated. If you took the time to be a better, safer driver with better practices then you might enjoy driving more. You might have a better ride and be much less frustrated. Ultimately you'll learn to appreciate it more because you took the time.

This seems to be true with anything. Take the time to learn something new. Take the time to clean your house, do your taxes, buy gifts or tie your shoes. Take a step back to feel.

This is really just the first step in having a better life overall. Learning to take the time and stop rushing to a state of rest. Learning how to occupy your time with something meaningful even if it's challenging or even if it's work.

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