Saturday, April 28, 2012

Driver's ED

Never run out of gas again
Most people are terrible, terrible drivers.

I'm not.

I got the curls

I have an idea, an idea for videos. Not one for writing. For driving. Since driving is a surreal visual experience. However, writing about things helps me think about them, so I might as well post the idea to my blog.

So I'll just list what I want to accomplish here:

  • Being considerate
  • Sex
  • Traffic Signals
  • The importance of being careful
  • The importance of being slow
  • Braking
  • Breaking
  • Paying attention
  • Music and playing it
  • Driving for the first time
  • Driving for the last time
  • What it means to be experienced
  • What it means to be good
So there is obviously a lot to go over, even more than just this, but this is a start.

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Travis Austin said...

Sounds rad! looking forward to it.