Monday, April 30, 2012


Me at 16, I think
When I first moved out of my parent's house I made a video of the Apartment I moved into, just to show it to everyone. I was happy, my apartment was much cleaner then and it looked a bit different. Not a lot has changed since then (it's been about a year at the time of writing).

What has changed is unexpected. At first being here was just the best my life could be. I was out on my own doing new and different things. I just felt free to be who I wanted to be and do what I wanted to do. Of course, it took much longer to figure out what that meant.

It took me a while how to figure out how to be Awesome.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Driver's ED

Never run out of gas again
Most people are terrible, terrible drivers.

I'm not.


My recent post on social networks got me thinking about friends. In that article I talk about how I dropped around 170 of my Facebook Friends in an attempt to improve my Facebook experience.

I dropped to 17 friends originally and that grew steadily to 40 before I stopped using Facebook all together. I don't have 40 friends. I don't think I even have 17 friends. 7 might be too many still.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Learning to Tie Your Shoes


So it's probably been a while since you've tied your shoes. I know I haven't tied my shoes since the first time I put them on. I put them on, tied them once and each time after that I've never untied or tied my shoes. I just take them off and put them on with the laces tied.

In all honesty, it probably wouldn't take too much time for me to just untie the laces when I take the shoes off and tie them back up when I wear my shoes again, but I don't take the time.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Social Networks

Social Networks help everyone connect. I use one everyday: Twitter.

I mean, I've used just about all of them at one point. It took me a little while to realize it, but using Facebook and MySpace always made me angry. I would walk about from the experience sour and annoyed. I didn't realize it was Facebook/MySpace and I didn't know why once I found out.