Friday, December 16, 2011


So my computer has been broken for probably over a month now. I fixed it today after weeks of replacing, testing and re-testing many parts I came to the conclusion it was my CPU. I replaced it and bam, everything is pretty again. When I first turned on my computer and started using it again, I couldn't have appreciated it more. Thank you for living again computer, thank you.For the last month or so I've used my girlfriend's shitty laptop. I replaced windows for Ubuntu and that helped out the computer a lot, but nothing can make a computer better. It was still slow, sluggish and had a shitty, low resolution screen. I got a Kindle Fire (which I'll talk about later) in that time and that was a step up from that laptop. I even started using IM on the tablet because I liked it that much more.

But now I'm back, and ready to play Skyrim. I haven't gotten to play because it came out in the time that I haven't had my computer. Which reminds me how long it's been. Hilariously enough, I've managed to buy 15 games since I haven't had my computer. I downloaded them today. Skyrim is downloading now. Proof of that is how I'm not playing it right now.

My monitor isn't huge, 22 and one half inches or so. It isn't the best, TFT LED LCD 1080p. However, I can't say how amazing it is after having to use a tablet and shitty laptop for a month. After not having used it, the colors and brightness is awe inspiring. I thought my computer was pretty good before, but now it feels lightning fast. I took all of this for granted before, and I'm sure I will again once I adjust to it again.

It helps me realize how much I should appreciate the things I have. I've had that lesson a few times in the past few days, but this experience is the culmination of that. I really should appreciate what I have more, and so should everyone.

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