Monday, November 07, 2011

The Hardcore

There is no agreed definition of a 'hardcore' gamer. It ranges from treating gaming like a full-time job to being someone who obsesses about nothing but video games. I think both of these are wrong. You don't have to be obsessed or play games 40 hours week over week to be hardcore, and people who do aren't necessarily hardcore to begin with.
I'll put out my definition here: a hardcore gamer is anyone who has the respect for art and development of a video game.They are always looking for a way to make games better and the community a better place. They have a lot of knowledge of games, their history and how they work. A hardcore gamer does not need to think about games constantly, they shouldn't. A hardcore gamer need not play 40 hours week over week. They need not play at all to maintain their status.

You'll notice that this is very extreme, but honestly what I believe. I think it's ridiculous that a person who plays nothing but Call of Duty 100 hours a week, week over week for months, is considered a hardcore gamer. I consider that person a waste of space and hardly even a gamer. I have had my weeks where I spend 80 hours on the same game, I'll admit it, but everyone does. The difference is that I don't use that as a way to qualify my self-claimed status of hardcore. I also don't do that every week. I can't, not because I don't have the time (although I don't) but because there is so much more to games than playing just one of them.

Also, a person who obsesses over one thing is living wrong. That's extreme, it's true, but I see it as fact. There is so much in this world that to only know one thing is a waste of time, especially when that thing is neither creative nor productive. Sure, I've mentioned Foldit before and how it's solving medical issues that have stumped scientists for years, and folding@home in the same article that someone can use on their PS3 or gaming PC to help science. But you'd be hardpressed to find anything productive with Halo3, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 or World of Warcraft.

You can assume this, but I don't consider someone who plays one game a lot to be a hardcore gamer. I would consider them a Halo gamer or a hardcore MMO'er or whathaveyou. You might argue that the people who play Halo week over week eventually switch to the hot new thing. I consider these people to be hardcore mainstream. Often the mainstream have no respect for games as an art, have little-to-no understanding of how they work and don't do anything to better games or their community. So I hate the mainstream.

And people who obsess over games, no matter what category they might fit in, are just obsessives who need to go out and learn something new.

At this point I see how frivolous this is getting and I think I've made my point. Also, if you don't agree, I don't care; there is no agreed-upon definition, but mine is the best.

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