Friday, December 16, 2011


So my computer has been broken for probably over a month now. I fixed it today after weeks of replacing, testing and re-testing many parts I came to the conclusion it was my CPU. I replaced it and bam, everything is pretty again. When I first turned on my computer and started using it again, I couldn't have appreciated it more. Thank you for living again computer, thank you.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The last few month has been pretty crazy when it comes to games. It's been so crazy that I haven't had a chance to touch any of those games because my computer has been out of commission totally for the past month. It's been pretty terrible, but the Humble Bundle(s) has(ve) made it easy to play great indie games on my Ubuntu Laptop. So I've played a few great Rougelikes in the past week or two

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Learning How to Type

You don't need to be this talented
I've mentioned it at least once on this blog, but I use Colemak as my keyboard layout. I often get questions about why and dismissive comments from just about everyone. No one understands it or cares to learn why. My general list is this: It's easier to learn than QWERTY, on average most people type around three times as fast and it's much better for your hands. The second question I get is, "What if you type at 100 Words per minute already, will you type at 300 WPM?" Of fucking course not, asshole. 100 WPM isn't the fucking average.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Review Scores

The Father of Controversy
Games journalism is already pretty silly and many people don't think it's 'actual' journalism, but reviews are the part where shit hits the fan. Review scores are really the worst part, although any old timey IGN reviews are pretty terrible too. I feel like that era is over now and modern games criticism is on the rise. As I've said before, we're still in our adolescence but review scores are crazy infantile.

Monday, November 07, 2011


I'm not very good at it. Seriously


Yahtzee Croshaw went off the deep end a while ago and stated that no one should ever make sequels. Of course he says that there are many good sequels and he revisits the subject constantly, but it's a huge issue with any creative industry. Movies and Games are just the easiest to see. There are also books, TV shows, paintings, comics and whathaveyou that suffer from much the same issues.

The Hardcore

There is no agreed definition of a 'hardcore' gamer. It ranges from treating gaming like a full-time job to being someone who obsesses about nothing but video games. I think both of these are wrong. You don't have to be obsessed or play games 40 hours week over week to be hardcore, and people who do aren't necessarily hardcore to begin with.

Saturday, November 05, 2011


It's about now where we might be surprised about Nintendo's projected annual loss (almost $1 Billion USD for 2011). I'm not, I have personally expected this. Nintendo hasn't done anything impressive in years and it's been utterly astounding that they have made as much money as they have year-over-year continuously while putting out uninspired and technologically behind systems. The Wii, the DS and the DSi have printed money for Nintendo for a while, but that time is now over.


This is my Desktop (pretty barren, I know)

Unity is the UI base for Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) and all subsequent updates. Plenty of things wrong with it, plenty of people hate it as well, but I fucking love it.


So because of my downed computer, I'm using my girlfriend's laptop for the most part. In case you want to look up the specs of it, it's a Dell Inspiron 1520. It's a piece of Junk for more than one reason and I had recently installed Windows 7 in order to bring it up to date -- bad idea. The computer became unbearably slow. At first it wasn't so bad, but quickly deteriorated. Even now there are only a few programs installed and almost none on startup. I only blogged and did homework, but every step took so long that I couldn't take it. So I installed Ubuntu 11.10.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Modern Games Critisism

The Father of Modern Games Criticism
It used-to-be that you got one game and you were happy with it. As a kid, every game was a great game, because you had that one game. We all put on the rose-tinted goggles for one game or the other. Games were also more difficult and fewer. There was also a time where they were much more expensive than they are now. If the game could keep you entertained long enough, maybe another would come along that you could buy and then play. The value of being younger is that your time is almost infinite. The youth just want something to occupy your time. Once you get older, and many gamers have gotten older, your time is all but the most important thing to you.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Ridiculousness of Video Games Journalism

Journalists have a reputation for taking themselves too seriously, especially those in the enthusiast press. Video Games and Games Journalism are very much in their adolescent stage. We've moved on from just doing random shit to some state of controlled existence, but we still have no idea what we're doing, not by a long shot. And we're crazy awkward. And we might like Twilight.

From Without the Internet

The motherboard of my nice gaming computer is dead. Totally dead and so my connection to the outside world is all but cut. I'm lying because I own another computer and a smartphone and my girlfriend has her own laptop, so it's not like everything is lost. It does mean that I'm sort of SOL when it comes to gaming, but I'm focusing on writing and school right now, so whatever.

But I did go through a crisis, shortly, about how disconnected I felt without it.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Step Forward and press A: My Life as a moron

This is more bloggy than what I've been writing currently, so don't read on unless you want to hear something really personal

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Distributed Computing

This is probably the more boring side of cloud computing, but it does mark something amazing in research. Cloud computing is all about an array of computers or super computers with tons of memory and storage space and a metric shit ton of processing power. Distributed Computing is all about making that super computer a reality.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Cloud 2: Electric Boogaloo

Cloud storage is easy to understand. It's been around for a while. I will amend what I said yesterday: the buzz marketing for cloud storage is for automatic cloud storage. Almost every storage service I mentioned backs up your settings and files automatically, otherwise it's also about being very easy and quick.

Storage is only one part of the cloud though. Today I want to talk more about cloud computing and what it can be used for.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Cloud

So a lot of what we hear today is about 'The Cloud.' The phrase is very wondrous and has become a part of buzz marketing. Every company has their own cloud and it's a staple for some services like iTunes, the app store and Amazon. To answer the question "What is the cloud?" really depends on the kind of cloud we're talking about, and it's gotten a bit wacky.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is a scary. It used to be the backwards, ignored cousin of console and pc gaming, but it's very much taken on a life of its own. In the days of yore we had a few systems that were cool ideas, and some even looked amazing, but the technology was terrible. Systems like the Sega Gamegear used six AA batteries and had a total charge time of 3 hours, maybe. It wasn't great. Even the great Gameboy in its early days had some issues (it was huge and difficult to see in sunlight) but now mobile gaming is insane; a system no one expected.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


So I recently started watching Psych, using Netflix, and I have to say that I really do love it. It's funny, it's well acted and never panders to its audience. It's also challenging because it always gives most of the answers for the viewer to discover on their own. Every scene has a meaning and each line is either important, funny or both.


So a genuinely, constantly hot topic is Downloadable Content. It started years ago with map packs and various other addons such as skins and whatnot, but it's much more than that now. Right now the target is Batman: Arkham City and the Catwoman DLC, but there will be something new in the not to distant future, so here's my two cents on it


After finally experiencing OnLive for reals, I do have something to say about it: the service is amazing.

As a means to summarize: you shouldn't be afraid to invest in OnLive.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dear Judi

Maybe there will be a day where I understand myself, but I hope that day has already passed for you.

Today I stand as incompetent and ignorant as I did the day I stepped trepidatiously for the first time. I know nothing like I did then and I will never know anything more. I will never be a big star or anything important. I'll always be clear minded and oblivious to who I am and what I will become. I don't want to be anything, but I want to certainly be something to you.

I spent the years, about six or seven, before I met you in pretty terrible depression. I can't remember a day where I was happy, at lest not one that was important enough to remember. I can only remember the worst things that happened to me, which seemed to happen each and every day. I was meek and destroyed. I was nothing then, much like today, but perhaps I've gained enough to be considered nothing with a hint of flavor. I was afraid of everything and everyone. I could never be who I am today or where I am today if I were still like I was then.

Today I stand strong and unafraid of anything. That is thanks to no one but you. No one helped me like you have and will. No one has ever given me the strength you have given me.

I say this because a few have told me recently that I seem so unafraid and that I can hold my own. I feel like I've become stronger because of you. You give me strength even when you're not around. I thank you.

Thank You, Judi Yip. I love you


Monday, May 23, 2011

New Life

So I recently made the biggest decision of my life: I moved in with my girlfriend. I've heard nothing but bad news about moving in with one's significant other or getting married and I haven't seen anyone ever happily married. I don't mean to say those people don't exist, but I've never met them.

Also, I don't believe terrible shit like that. Obviously I don't, I did just move in with my girlfriend of almost one-and-a-half years. I love her and in the last week-and-a-half we've had a lot of fun. It has been scary though, scary because I don't know what to expect and I don't know how to deal with being scared. It hasn't stopped me from being happy or comfortable, but doing something new is scary for me.

I had a crisis just before I moved in with her though, in that I thought, "What if I stop loving her?" But I've come to notice that I just like having her around. I don't like having people around, even people who I like I get bored of after a while, or feel uncomfortable with. But now I feel great with her around. Even when we're doing totally different things I like to have her around. I like seeing her and hearing her voice.

We even do a lot together you might not expect. I've heard time and time again that video games hold less than second-pony to girlfriends and you should forget about them when you make any commitment. However, it hasn't been true. My girlfriend is no gamer girl (and honestly I don't want to have a gamergirlfriend), but she enjoys playing games with me or watching me play a game.

Enough about her though, I'm not obsessed but she's obviously a huge part of my life. Otherwise things have been odd for me. I assume life in a new place goes through its phases where it's confusing to where it's uncomfortable, then odd and then comfort and, eventually (hopefully), contentment. I know my way around enough to find a place nearby or within 15-20 minutes away. I'm not afraid of driving around but I am afraid of getting lost in the University.

The university's roads are consistent but they sort of change into different roads at random. If you can remember which one goes where and where you are in the school then you can get around almost easily. It's really easy to forget where you are in the school because the surroundings change quickly and constantly, and there are a million side roads which seem to go nowhere. Also, it's very easy to drive out of the school and onto a main road or into a dead end. It's not scary but it's a little annoying because normal logic doesn't apply. The sideroads never, ever connect to one of the main roads in the school. They always just end or go into a parking lot. It's annoying.

I started working last Friday at a Long John Silver's 20 minutes away. It's one of two stores I'm working at right now, but more on that later. This store is on Dale Mabry Highway. The area isn't bad but the store itself was really odd. It was bright and vibrant but very small. The kitchen was huge, but everything else was very small. The parking lot, the dining area, the sink. It was the opposite of what I'm used to, a rather large dinning area and sink with a very small kitchen. It made cooking easier, but didn't really help much else.

The thing to note about that night, though, is that it was crazy busy from six until ten. Very, very busy. It helped the night move along quicker, by a lot. Before I knew it, the digital clock I call a phone knocked 9:07 and I had to start cleaning. It was still pretty busy otherwise. At 10 sharp everything dropped off. Perhaps the most odd aspect of this is that the store closed at midnight. I don't think we had one customer from at least 11 (probably more like 10:30) until close. We all left at around 1 AM. Overall, it was a good night.

The second store I'm working at isn't as exciting. I met some cool dudes today, Sunday, when I worked there but that was the only cool thing. It's an A&W/LJS, so some of the menu I don't know at all and everything that I don't know has to be prepared by me (which is mostly burgers). I didn't really get trained either. Overall the most stressful thing was not being able to prepare the burgers which really put a damper on my abilities as a cook. Otherwise, working at that store wasn't so hard. It has a lot of problems (a lot). A picture I tweeted out earlier really explains the biggest problem with the store. There are a lot of issues, but that's for another post perhaps.
It was the longest four hours of work ever, even longer than the seven hours I worked at the other store.

So far that's my new life. I'm having fun and I'm happy (finally), but nothing is perfect.