Friday, December 03, 2010

My Oatmeals, Let Me Show You Them

I realize every time I make a post, it's about making posts. Somewhat ironic considering that I don't post for years at a time.

But this time, I'll actually talk about something: Oatmeal.

I don't know why, but I've never really eaten oatmeal until now and I'm not sure why. With a little bit of sugar, it's actually delicious. Not as delicious as, say, a cheeseburger or cheesecake, but a lot better than what we've come to expect from something that is so very healthy. Oatmeal is good for your cholesterol (Good for me as I have a naturally high cholesterol level) and happens to very nutritious as a meal unto itself.

This leads me to talk about eating healthy. I, as a habit, don't. I love cookies and cake and little sweets and babies. It's hard to not eat that stuff when it's around, but I've found I have a propensity to like healthy food. I love hummus, bananas, grapes, raw spinach and a host of other things. Often I find I like that stuff more than, say, a cheeseburger or cheesecake. The reason why I generally eat unhealthy food is because it generally feels more filling, or at least I get to that point quicker.

This is rather odd. I like eating, it's one of the few things I enjoy, so why do I try to shit it out as quick as I can? I don't know. Lately I've done my best to eat healthy food and I've found that I generally don't get full or tired by eating. This is great I suppose, but I haven't felt satisfied by the range of healthy food I've been eating. I think, starting soon, I'm going to start buying my own food to see how much it costs and how healthy I can keep it.

Not a post about posting posts, but hopefully I'll work on some in the coming days to have either a few a day, to a few a week and maybe keep it consistent.

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