Thursday, July 09, 2009

Guitar Hero Help.

So, I like to think myself somewhat of a good Guitar Hero player. I'm not a top player like those on Score Hero, but I have done a few things that others may see as impossible in their life times. I don't really want to brag, since I'm really not THAT good in comparison to thousands upon thousands upon thousands of other people, but I'm better than tens of millions of others in the world.

My meaning for this is to (as the name states rather obviously) help people with Guitar Hero. I have found it difficult to gain simple help from anywhere and I would like to be the first to do something of the like dedicated to just helping people. I like help in any game that tests skills, so I hope others will find this useful.

What I can't stress enough is that before ever looking for help, you should go through the tutorial. I'll be referencing everything that is explained in the game and I won't be explaining simple things like that in any post for Guitar Hero Help. I also don't want to see questions that pertain to the most basics concepts of the game and I'm not going to explain the controls or the like unless I must, which is very unlikely. Besides that, all my jargon that isn't used in the game will be explained in every post.

I'd like to take this time to explain my tentative format:
  1. I will explain the challenges of the song that you should understand before playing and the challenge of the song as a whole.
  2. I will then go into each section and try to link a video/chart to each individual section to give a visual example of what you should see in the section
  3. In each section I will explain the techniques used and challenges had within the section.
  4. I will then give tips and hints on how to overcome and practice the section and the difficulty and priority and over all how to prepare for it.
I will not explain every section of every song. If I don't talk about it, then it's either so easy that you should never miss it (Aftermath in Raining Blood) or it has no notes in it (Wahhhh in the Halo Remix DLC). If you do find a section difficult and I left it out, then I will have no problem helping you with it if you do ask, unless you're just being dumb and asking why I didn't put in a section that has four notes in it.

Before any questions, I only plan to help out with expert guitar. I have no skill when it comes to singing or drums, but I will suffice to helping with difficult bass/rhythem guitar(where applicable) if it's a lot diffirent from guitar. I'm not limiting my help to Guitar Hero alone... but I don't own Rock Band or Rock Band 2, so, if requested, you'll have to allow me some time to get the game and play the song and gain experience with it before making a post about it.

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Wolfwood said...

So when are we going to see some of this guitar hero stuff?